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Forge Feedback (More Quests Please)

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I'm enjoying playing Forge and so glad it's back but I've got 3 problems with it.

1. Quests. The last Forge we got 50 to work towards we had all sorts to do!

This time around we have 4 random ones? that cycle after two days? what a downgrade. After you've done your 4 quests (+Daily Match & Victory bonuses) there's not much of an incentive to keep playing (excluding levelling up for chests).

2. Rhinocebros. (Option to not fight them please?)

Don't get me wrong I like these enemies but they feel out of place in the Forge. I like the Grand Forge Boarrior being the final boss it fits. The games went on long enough but now it goes on even longer. I would really like the option to play original Forge with my friends. Maybe Klei could add a difficulty option for the Forge: Easy=Boarilla Normal=Grand Forge Boarrior Hard=Rhinocebros. I mean Klei already have leaderboards for these different types of games so why not give us the option?

3. Kick Button / Level Gated Lobbies.

I don't need to explain this one. The Forge isn't noob friendly and that's a problem too but cater to your hardcore fans here and give us more options.


Conclusion: Hopefully my critiques don't come off as hate as I love the Forge and would happily play it all year round. However, these are my minor issues with it, hopefully, we get a 3rd Forge or permanent inclusion of this mode. 

Thanks for reading :)

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