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Hamlet is to easy

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hamlet has made playing don't starve way to easy.

the whole store system in hamlet is a great idea but i dont think you should be able to steal items. or let it be more punishing.

you can stay overnight in a store untill the shopkeeper falls asleep to steal items. also ur able to kill the shopkeeper and the 2 guards that spawn and somehow the shop restocks itself overnight even tho the shopkeeper is dead. the ' punishment ' we recieve for stealing items is krampus spawning which should be easy to deal wif, this also gives a chance on a krampus sack.once you recieve the keys you can build any store you want. kill of the shopkeeper and get free items every single day. something like a deerclops eye which should be a once every year item on the regular don't starve is an item you can easily get almost every single day. food is no issue anymore too. i just think they made it abit to easy to use the store system.

please make stealing more punishing or not an option at all

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