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Walrus Tusk Useless?

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23 minutes ago, Blitzhin said:

I bought a walrus tusk from a pig trader, but when I got back to my base with it I was unable to find the recipe for the walking cane. Is the walking can removed from Hamlet? Is there any other use of the walrus tusk in Hamlet?

There is currently no walking cane and most of the recipe in Hamlet. Though, compared to a lot of other recipe, i don't think this one will be replaced because there is a new walking cane. I won't spoil it for you if you don't want to, i'll use the spoiler tag to tell you how to get it.



Kill the big Snaptooth Flytrap and they will drop an item. Flytrap stalk. Put that on a drying rack and you get a walking cane with durability


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