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I buy the game expansions regardless of playing them because I like to vote with my wallet and love this game, but haven't played since before shipwrecked came out. The reason for this is very stupid, and that is that my fantasy changed as I got older. I have trouble immersing as anyone but myself, and since none of the characters reflect me or my profession of choice, I lost interest in playing. I don't mind differences in personality and especially don't mind the varying downsides, just the profession of the character, since I don't necessarily have to be the character exactly, just get behind them.


So out of pure selfishness, can I ask that Klei make a character with the backstory of having been some sort of doctor, nurse, or health professional? No mod character fit my preferences, or follow Klei's balancing and style. Gender and quirks don't matter to me, since either way I'd win out in the end. Oh and since their backstory would involve a profession they won't be youth, so that's good for me.


I don't mind if nothing comes from this suggestion, I am very happy to continue paying for future content. It's just I'm a way too specific person and can't find a character I can be satisfied with, which has troubled me in many games, not just Don't Starve.

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