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Character won't eat custom food

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Hi, I'm new to modding but I know a bit of lua.

I'm trying to make a character named Fluffy, a magic teddy bear who only eats magic gems. I've been trying for a while, and it's stopped crashing but the character won't eat the healing gem, they just inspect it. How do I make them eat the gem?


In my character file:

inst.components.eater:SetDiet({ FOODGROUP.OMNI }, {FOODTYPE.GEMS, FOODTYPE.GOODIES })



In my item file

    inst.components.edible.foodtype = "GEMS"
    inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 50
    inst.components.edible.hungervalue = -50
    inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = 0

Thanks in advance.


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