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Played about 7 games.  Last run still going strong 2.1 season cycles in.  Was feeling very rich up until I fought ever to close to my base against bathounds, in the city, in the evening.  :( My feeling on most of the patch updates are to make easier tasks harder-- which is fine.  I like challenging games!

So on my last run I got settled into pig village and found ways to make coin (berries / hedges / relic hunting) which I then took over to pig village 2 and bought stuff from stores and try to establish economy there.  Mostly explored the maps and putting myself in a position to take on the bosses.  The stores sell all sorts of great items from DST but really did not like missing recipes for them.  Would like to see a shop selling an assortment of recipes, or at least a better understanding of how to use these ingredients.  

I'm not sure what's up with the houses, but it feels very restrictive placing buildings.  I assume this is for difficulty, to have more of your stuff outside where it can burn.  I would like even more room inside, for example extra rooms.

Access to a pig megamarket-- maybe underground.

I thought it was cool at first to be getting all these different color gems, but then realized I really only seemed to need red and purple.  Maybe the bandit treasure can have a gem in it?  Gem shop plz!

Rocks and iron ore are easy to get early but I feel like I run out of those quickly as well.  Rocks I can break columns to have it rain but I don't know how to regenerate iron ore.

Even with the new guard pig defense behavior, I still feel pretty naughty heading out to the fields to slaughter pigs and steal their crops.  I should be punished more ;)

Enjoyed the game.  Would be very challenging for any new Don't Starve player and is unique and interesting for experienced players.  Hope to see more eng-game content.  Pugalisk is awesome!



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