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I was thinking of making a mob that made rocks and flint renewable. So i thought up of this little creature.Boulderdash is a hostile mob that spawns after 15 days if a boulder is left un-mined, much like a spider queen would spawn. It grows appendages made of small rocks and the torso being the initial boulder. It is 2x the height of Wilson, but 2x slower than him. It attacks Wilson by grabbing it's torso and slams it on the ground, leaving a half mined boulder when mined gives half the normal drops and won't drop gold. After using it's torso it's head and arms fall for a second, and float back up and a red orb appears in the space where the torso was and re spawns another boulder. The is a way to tame it, you craft the Golden Rod. Made out of a red gem, 4 gold, 4 sticks. Much like Chester, Boulderdash will follow you when it's in your hot bar and won't attack you. Every 1 and a half days he will drop a boulder and do same rebuild animation as when it attacks. The Golden Rod can be placed and Blouderdash will stay in vicinity of it. Making farming boulders available. Boulders dropped by Boulderdash take 25 days to make another Boulderdash. Keep in mind that the Golden Rod can only control 4 at a time, so left unattended for to long, you may have some unwanted guests. When killed it drops 6 rocks, 2 flint, 1 cut stone. When given 2 gold a Boulderdash will explode all of his body except for his head and drop 3 boulders and then regenerate his body back. But you have to wait until he drops another boulder to give him gold again. When sanity is at 20 or lower they will turn into molten rock and will be hostile if a Golden Rod is present or not, and burn any flammable objects it comes into contact with. Boulderdash has 800 health and does 44 damage. I would really enjoy if this was implemented. Reply, i would really enjoy your guys feedback.

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