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People Aren't Happy


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The choice of words below are not my own and they were found on TrueAchievements. A few people are angry and disappointed with this nightmare.

Why the hell Shank gets removed from the store i was waiting for this game to go on sale for years atleast they should give us a warn about besides its EA game after all

Shank is an awesome game. Shank 2 is even better. If you have not picked up the sequel, do it before that becomes a delist victim too.

Well dang I missed out on Shank. It looked like it a had a neat art style.

Licenses could have expired among other things. Couldn't tell you the exact details. Ask the publisher!

I have Shank 2 for some reason and always wanted to play Shank first. Oh, well. I'll just watch a walkthrough online or skip it entirely.

Shank was 10 $/€. Not sure if I would have bought it at that price if they had announced the delisting.

Some of the XBLA price are out of touch with the times.

Why was Shank delisted? Did it have licensed music or something?

If anyone has shank and needs to do co-op/hardest difficultly, please let me know. I cannot create a session for some reason I am unaware of

Shank doesn't have online capabilities as far as I can find. The achievements are all flagged as offline-only at any rate.


All of these people wanted Shank on console. Not PC. On console. Letting the publishing agreement with EA expire was a big mistake. I speak the truth.

A link to the comments as proof -> https://www.trueachievements.com/n33905/july-2018-delistings-adventure-pop-evolve-shank-gigantic-and-more

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