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Custom devices idea

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Just for future developement idea.  Add interface for creating own devices using same interface as on main map.

This can be accesseccible by researching new tree path. When you open first step in this path you able create little 1x1 item which is 3x3 inside.
Inside this gamer can design using new micro devices with are similar to existing macro devices: pumbs, walls, automation logic, etc.  This micro devices must be less powerfull and require less meterials.
In designs for such devices user can define power input (if nessesary), in\out pump\gas. Maybe required designer for simply creating new image for new device. Existing macro devices images can be used as template (by selecting new colour for example)

After design created user can build this on macro map. And this behaviour will same as was designed inside. Designs can be deleted and edited

May be need some tool for testing new device design. By i think this will be ok when gamer build just designed devices and look how it's work. But incide vew (similar as on macro map) is needed then. You can click on builded micro device and look how it workds incide in run-time. 

I guess here can be used all similar mechanics as on macro map (temperature, pressure, etc). 

Yes there can be a lot of bugs and problems to solve. But that can be something new in this game for new experiments.



By the way. Is there any builds for own experiments in developement mechanics or mods?
For example: add own materials with new behaviour. Or new 2 meterial interactions. New devices. etc

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