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After day 10, I found that several of the citizens of Hamlet seem to be homeless? They run about in tight circles, almost like in regular Don't Starve when their houses have been destroyed and there is no light source nearby.... But none of the homes in my civilization seem damaged. I did notice that for the town guards, at night time they fight only with a torch, which is awful, and it catches things on fire. But in the morning the carpenter citizens DO complete home repairs. But regardless there are maybe 5 homeless piggies in my town now. 


Also unrelated but the pigs poop a LOT and I feel like you should be able to trade "plop" to every citizen. And the guards don't pay anyone for picking up their "plops" but seem to be pooping everywhere regardless. I don't know what to do with all the poop. My plot for the house is super tiny so there's no way I can just create a ton of gardens without carving a piece of the map out for this, which would be inconvenient travel-wise.

Just had a great albeit ambitious idea for all that poop. Well two ideas. 


1. Dung beetles. Players could offer dung to fallen beetles kind of like catcoons in trade for things found in dung piles or dung balls.

1 a) Trading a certain number of poop transports you to an instance where you get to meet/fight the dung beetle queen!


2. Compost piles for the civilization's farms. My town has a lot of farms.. they need fertilization. Would make sense that there be a compost pile near some of the farm plots, that players could contribute to in order to at least offload some of that poop--or potentially for rewards like oincs or special seeds or low-level produce like carrots. Say, stacks of ten manure would equal one reward or whatever. 

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