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Maybe I'm off my hinges or just feeling sentimental, but I'd like to take a moment to appreciate one of the little details that Klei put into Don't Starve. Around the world in any given game there are fights happening between Maxwell's creations that are entertaining to watch if stumbled upon and even offer free loot after the fact. In my current world (the first that I've made it 400+ days mind you) I was fortunate enough to have a Walrus camp spawn right next to a Tall Bird nest. For most of the year this means slap nothing, but as soon as MacTusk and Son show up, all Hades breaks loose. I obtained my very first Tam o' Shanter my second winter because the Tall Bird got the best of the fight. Usually the Tall Bird gets overwhelmed and is killed. I like to use the opportunity to sneak past the combatants and steal the Tall Bird's egg, which provides a semi-reliable food source during the winter (for at least as often as it spawns).

I've noticed other battles elsewhere as well. For example, Merms hate Tentacles and I've obtained a chest full of tentacle spikes, as well as free rot and fish from this. Elsewhere in the forest, Pigs and Spiders are constantly fighting like the Hatfeilds and the McCoys. The best time to loot this scenario I find is right after the full moon. I just grabbed six silk, four glands, two meats, and a pig skin off of the ground minutes ago, requiring no effort on my part.

Has anyone else witnessed anything similar in their playthroughs? I think such situations are a great help for early game, but that they keep giving throughout play is a nice bonus.

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On a separate but related note, I've just discovered this morning that Deerclops can be lured into a Tall Fort and killed. I didn't think the birds would do enough damage to it, but surprise, surprise. I ended up with something on the order of 30 meats, 12 Tall Bird eggs, and Deerclops's eyeball. I'm always amazed to see what discoveries I can make while playing this fun game.

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