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Some bug observations

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After some hours I have encountered a few oddities and minor bugs, but no crashes or game breaking stuff.
It's so much fun to be clueless again! (No sarcasm.)


Anyhow, here's a short summary of the stuff I've found:

I am not able to inspect the big fireflies. There's no promt when close (gamepad) and no tooltip appearing on screen.


I found an invisble gold pool. It did not appear on the map, and wasn't visible on screen, but I could still inspect it. Sadly I never got to try to interact more with it before that world was lost to a swarm of bats. (No screen shot here, sorry.)


Inside some of the shops, there are some issues with the tooltip on the shelf on the left in the back. ----



Two of the shops also appeared like this for me ----


Entering and exiting the shops does not change anything. (Cannot remember if I tried closing the entire game and reloading right now, sorry. I'll make an edit later if that changed anything.)



Inside town hall at night, the eyes from the darkness glitched through the walls and curtains. (No screen dump here either, sorry.)


As soon as night hit, the major fell right asleep. If you seek refuge in the flowershop however, the clerk just aimlessly wanders around. (Not sure if intentional.)


The most crucial bug I could sniff out was one with the crafting menue inside the purchased house. More specifically with the renovation tab ----

(Neither reloading the save, exiting or reentering the game, or restarting steam changes this for me.)



Please let me know if there was any additional information I should have provided (or less) so that I can become a good beta tester.

Thanks for letting me partake Klei, I'm having a blast!

Side note: I am LOVING the new tunes. Absolutely glorious soundtrack.

Seems like I managed to put my post in the wrong thread.  Will do better next time.

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