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I really love all the characther's concept, but I can't help, but noticed some stuff that just doesn't really add up to be what they actually are maybe it doesn't matter and doesn't really have to have logic into them, but the robot should it really be feeding (on human food)? and what is that of, brain insanity he is a robot he doesn't necessarily have any type of feelings and needs, like even the concept picture it has on the game says he doesn't have a heart so should it really feel pain or emotions should it really be driven insane? I guess health is okay because everything can be damage physically even a piece of iron or whatever material he might be. so is food and insanity level be necessary for something that logically doesn't make sense to have for something that is practically working on chips and bolts.Maybe putting him more like a denfense, none-feeding, no brain damage bot be more suited for what he is a robot is not like his a cygbor.Maybe adding a oil feature so he doesn't rust can be like his eating habit? and brain can be the amount of damage his mother board has taken an he can fix himself making computer gear for him like fixin himself back up hammering tweackin and such? and health that's good he can also fix himself? like an auto mechanic feature he has and he should also could be either smart for being a robot he knows how to use science to make technology ? that's just ideas to me that made more sense to that characther. Also Wendy I'm not sure, but is somewhat illogical that Abigail can harm her twim sister for being death, an according to Wendy's description says "Abigail don't leave I still want to play with you" seeings a very loving and miss departure of her sister so I don't think Abigail should in any way harm Wendy, but assist her at all times. and be less harmfull to what you have build to protect yourself like and no harm anything that is not aiming to attack you, like chester an peaceful mobs when not being anger. and the mime since his quiet he should be good at least at something and that is being quiet so his good at sneacking around? just a little tought.

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