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Pre-Planning for next build in my base

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as the title said i want to pre planning new stuff to added in my base :

- First :

I recently find a magma volcano and it still dormant for 30 cycle until it active and its  near my drecko and peppernut farm, i dont know what to do with it.
So i dicided to save my game and do the sandbox mode what i can build with it. and i start to plan to build steam generator
here the screenshots

After couple research and find some reference, i manage to build it in sandbox mode
my magma volcano output 19.737,2 Kg of magma within 76 seconds every 2.49 minutes
with 1726.9 °C of magma it will melt my iron doors and all automaton cables in it.

The power output average is 2139.54 KJ within 7 cycles test with roughly 40kg of water input for each turbines to make steam in first start.

The automation set up is really pain for me to make it functional as intended.
The temperature management, is good for me
The electrical management its really uhh..... that con-wire cant handle it so i make it with Heavy Cond-wires

 Summarize : -Should i build it in save file game or not ? ( although i still have plenty NG from my 3 NG-geyser i found and plenty crude oils from my 2 oil wells.                          those all i hook up within my Big Carbon dioxide power plant :D)

                      -Any suggestion with my current steam powerplant if do really want to build ( its really big investment build project and cycle consuming that cost                           me a lot of abyss, wolfra, and tungsten )

- Second :
what am i goind to do next ? Like cooling system for my base because i used a lot of weez to control the temperature aroung my base.
any suggestion and feedback for what i build next ? im still new in this game around 129 hrs play time though.








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