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Fueled:SetTakeFuelFn not working

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I'm trying to have a function run when a yellow amulet is refuelled, however the function only runs when the world loads (before character spawned in) and doesn't run when the yellow amulet is refuelled. My code Is in the amulet.lua file, within the local function yellow() and is as follows:

inst.components.fueled:SetTakeFuelFn(print("yellow amulet was refuelled"))

I've checked the fuelled.lua file and looked at the Fueled:SetTakeFuelFn() function (seen below), which should set the ontakefuelfn value (though I don't know if this value even exists in the fuelled class), this value is later checked in the Fueled:TakeFuelItem() function, but always considers the ontakefuelfn value to be nil.

function Fueled:SetTakeFuelFn(fn)
    self.ontakefuelfn = fn

Is this just a dead function? Any help? Thanks.

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