[H]17x DotA 2 Gifts [W]Don't Starve Steam Gift!


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My previous thread wanished after some dude spam in it..:love_heart:

Im offering 17 DotA 2 gift keys for 1 Don't Starve.

You can use them as "Reward" in stream contest, on your website etc.


- Dota 2 keys are fairy easy to get nowdays. By trading you accept that it's not the same value as Don't Starve key.

- I trade them because i don't need them anymore - gave to all of my friends already, and got 17 left yet.

- THERE IS "bot" on steam that give keys for dota2. Nah, that's not true at all, but you can get only _1_ key per account, and if you got dota2 in your library that means no more keys for you.

Now, JokerKV, can you just GIVE A BREAK? I'm not interested in your spam in every thread with dota2 keys sentence in it. You are not interested in trading, then i wish you don't spam in my threat. Thank you.

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