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Connection Failed - Something went awry while connecting.


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So I need a bit of help since I can't find exactly find it on the forums.

My friend and I both got this game are trying to play it. However, we can't seem to connect to each other at all. His internet does suck and we can't change anything about that at all (if that does help at all). If that's the case, we won't be able to play at all at that rate. We always get this error (Connection Failed - Something went awry while connecting. Please try again) when trying to play together and have not been able to connect to each other once normally.

I can make a world and he can make a world, nothing seems wrong at all. However, I can't join his world and he can't join my world no matter how many times we try. I had my brother try to connect to my world and he was able to do so. My brother however is in the same house as me, so that kind of makes sense. My friend isn't of course. We don't have anyone else we can ask to help, so it's usually just us two trying to connect to each other and trying to solve this.

We did try the Gorge event twice. He hosted it and I could not connect but when we tried again with me hosting it,did connect. He had no issues at all and we got to play it. However, this is the event and not the regular game. We do wanna play the standard game together since that was the point of getting it.

Any help I can get with this would be appreciated since we are trying to find games more coop games he is able to play.

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