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Allow the game to borderless fullscreen itself

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I feel like this game is perfect for is two monitors, so I built kind of a ghetto method for borderless fullscreening the game.

The procedure I built in the video follows:

  1. I go to the graphics options and fullscreen the game to my first monitor's resolution.
  2. I un-fullscreen the game to make it the resolution without being fullscreen.
  3. After I apply I use a key combination from a third party program to force the game into borderless fullscreen

I'd like an in-game feature that allows me to go into borderless fullscreen without me having to go through my process every time I boot the game up.

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Well, this isn't an "in-game" feature, but it is a Unity engine feature:

Unity Command Line Options

The four in the list that are of import are -screen-width, -screen-height, -screen-fullscreen, and -popup-window. The easiest way to add these command line options under Windows is to make a shortcut to the game, and add them to the "target" box like this:

C:\Path\To\OxygenNotIncluded.exe -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080


This will start in the game in a borderless windowed mode at the specified resolution. Worth a warning, though, the game will occasionally reset this tweak(when windows thinks the app has hung as far as I can tell) and can get stubborn about it. But YMMV.

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