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The Fate of Shank

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rocketman732    11

I just wanted to say this. And it's only my opinion because I don't know how game development works and all the legal stuff involved with getting a game published. So my opinion is that I've seen quite a few posts involving Shank being delisted from PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace. The developers say they'll let the players know if anything changes but I honestly highly doubt that. Shank will be forgotten just like a bunch of other hidden gems. And by some miracle if Shank is ever brought back to the surface. The games will probably be on PS5 and the next Xbox. Why do I think this. Well it's simple really. The PS4 has been out since 2013 and by the time the developers decide to create an updated version of Shank and Shank 2. Maybe by then we could get Shank 3 bundled together named the Shank Collection. But by the time that would probably even happen the PS5 and new Xbox will have possibly been released at this point. And then the developers could just as well say screw it and port it over to the newer systems. This right here. In my opinion isn't right. Games should never be forgotten even by their own developers. All in all this is just my overall opinion on the subject of Shank being delisted. Take it with a grain of salt or something. What I'm saying is to not take my opinion too seriously. I just felt it was time to get it off my chest. So apologies in advance to anyone this may offend. Until next time. Peace out.

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