[H]17x DotA 2 Gifts [W]Don't Starve Steam Gift


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As in subjectGot 17 gifts, can't do anything with them tbh, because all my friends got keys from me alreadyOn other side i wish to get that precious masterpiece, maybe someone got one lone key for trade, even knowing that Dota keys are not as worthy as DS-one.http://steamcommunity.com/id/kicksaw/Just add to friend and we can trade. ALSO: got greevil egg and 1 exort essence, dunno if that is tradeable, but i don't need them anyway so if it is - i will give it to you :) [MENTION=7713]JokerKV[/MENTION] - if you are not interested then don't spam in every thread :<You are talking stupid things, sure, he give dota invites. That's not bot, that's normal human, that run script for giving ONE key to everyone who write to him, and DON'T have Dota2 copy.My offer is actual. As i said before - those keys are not worth same as DS key for sure, but if someone want spare (for stream/website contest etc) then you can add me at steam.

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thanks for mentioning me,well it is what i can do for the new people who doesn't know much about the value of the free crap you have been offering. i have more than 50 copies myself, 100 if i include my friends and i can give anyone who needs them i can even trade all of them for 1 copy of don't starve but i don't have to. and funny how people greed about this free invites. after 4 wave of invites they still think it is valuable. maybe for 0.02 cents each it maybe reasonable

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