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I made the script of the infamous Garfielf video but applicable with Don't Starve featuring Wolfgang and I thought it was too good to not share so here it is:



Stuffing your face as usual.

I gotta have a good meal.

Wolfgang you fat man. You are so big and fat. Why are you so fat?

I eat, Max. it’s what I do.

It’s time to kill Beefy for his meat

dont do it wolfganf, that’s our pet beefalo beefy

you’re going into heaven, you stupid bull


Time for a nap. I’m a man who loves to snooze

Wolfgang you lazy man

I hate daylight

I’m am hungry I want some pierogis

You’re eating us out of house and home, wolmfgang

Enough with the chit chat lets get some grub going

Where are the 3 honey hams?

I ate those food

Where are the meatballs?

I ate those food

Where did all the small jerky go


You’re such a bad person that’s is I’ve had it I’m done that’s the last straw wolggang


inb4 i get publicly shamed by the community

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