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Smaller numbers?

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ZoomySloppy    1

When i picked an item from the ice box and put it back when the inventory extended(please add an option to disable the extended inventory, i hate it)the numbers got smaller. It was WAY EASIER to see the items. I think we should have an option to make these numbers smaller since when they are big we cant really see the item. Screenshot_2018-09-01-21-14-00-405_com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket.thumb.png.c122635537c75ce0779b2d397000bbbd.pngScreenshot_2018-09-01-21-14-12-033_com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket.thumb.png.00ecf4da5092bdb0fdc3bc82ed47fc20.pngScreenshot_2018-09-01-21-29-37-809_com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket.thumb.png.dfb8dd26f0ffa73f02d8ade395b2a667.png

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