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rocketman732    11

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums on this site and frankly it's the first forum site I've used in my life. Let me get down to business. I am aware that Shank has been delisted from PS3 and Xbox 360 due to the publishing agreement with EA expiring. So don't tell me this because I already know it. And yes I am aware that Shank is still available on Steam. Ahem. Okay so after reviewing certain things. I discovered there was no Shank community on the PS4. Well duh that's obvious considering it's not on PS4 but you would think that someone who would be a hardcore fan of the game would create such a community but nope. So that's why I went and created one. Now if anyone who has a PS4 or uses the Communites App can find it. You will need to request entrance into the community because I made it a Closed Community to keep out any oddballs or rude people from just barging in. If you have Shank for PS3 and are in the states. Send me a message. On PlayStation or Steam. I hardly use my Xbox 360 so goodluck contacting me there. My online ID for all three platforms is rocketman732. Eventually I would love to see a Shank Collection made for PS4 and Xbox One. But that will take time. My theory is that this collection will contain Shank, Shank 2, and Shank 3. That is if the latter gets developed. Only time will tell. So I apologize if I seem to rambling at this point. First time in a forum after all. Anyway below is an image of the Shank Community I had created. Peace out everyone.

Screenshot_20180824-123533_PS Communities.jpg

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