Suggestions to make the game a little less easy

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1.) Make the spiders come out during the day if you venture onto their web flooring. The gold on the webs is a great idea, and should be dangerous. As it is, taking it during the day brings the phrase 'taking candy from a baby' to mind.2) Less flint, or a lot more uses for it. As it stands I get a couple stacks by day 5 or 6.3) Less gold from you know who for you know whats. I honestly wouldn't go over 2 or 3. Again, I can get stacks of the stuff pretty easy.4) Loving the insanity thing, but the dapper hat is slightly op. I would say the cost of making it is made up for by the fact it doesn't decay. I wouldn't have it raise sanity or at least raise it a lot less.Edit: Having thought about the above a bit more, I would like to alter my suggestion. I do realize that some people like having the ability to essentially turn insanity 'off' this way. I would say perhaps the hat works as the flower wreath, except it doesn't decay , and I read (but have not seen) about a vest,so maybe the vest could be the only one that increases sanity. 5) I would mention food but since winter is coming to the game I'll hold off judgement on that until then. :)I am truly enjoying the game, I just think it should be much more difficult. If I live past the first few days I can usually last forever if I don't do anything rash or stupid, heh. I ended up with a 48 day game with the strongman that I ended up killing on purpose so I could play a different character (this was before the multiple saves). Keep up the awesome work, I can't wait to see what else you all come up with!

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