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Custom item animation troubles

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Hello =)

Made a custom rifle for testing myself at DST modding.
While i managed to avoid numerous noob-traps - got finaly stuck at animating.

What i do understand:
- An animation should be done using, for exemple, the "Custom Player Animation TEMPLATE"
- Animation should be linked to code/ingame actions (stategraph thing + tag)

- There are some problems with Spriter (noob traps all around) & animations

What i don't understand:
- What exactly does your animation go "invisible"?
- How to code the link between code/animation by itself (in my case overwrite the attack animation)

Right now, i'm lost around the 'invisible' animation part.
The 3 animations i've tryed produce the same effect - the character becomes invisible.

Is the .scml file messed up? Pivots troubles? Missed a letter in the code??

Any help could be very welcome =)
Thanks for your attention!

mpr send.7z

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