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How do I add perks to a character?

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I still can't really understand how to do it. Ok I know how to change how strong, fast

or how fast their hunger drains, but I don't really know how to add these that I planned:

Sanity drains when it rains, can cook food quicker than others.

Could someone here help me with these?

Thats actually the only thing I'm really struggling with at the moment.

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For the rain you can try this one

local function onisraining(inst, israining)
    if TheWorld.state.israining then
    inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(-3, 3)

local master_postinit = function(inst) --reference on where it goes

inst:DoPeriodicTask(3, onisraining, nil, inst)

and mastercode

this must work. I don't know the details but if there is any problem let me know.

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