Few suggestions on ladder system


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TL;DR of this article:

Would be great if you create three tournament ladders for 3p/2p/1p teams: Top12 teams for 3p, Top 16 for 2p, and Top 32 for 1p. And if someone is already Golden in Solo, he can't make another entry in any another ladder, and players that are in team with him will not qualify too. Ex.


Player A are Top 2 in Solo ladder: all teams that have him as a member will no qualify while he there.

Players A, B, C became Top 1 of 3p, Players A, B, D make fewer points, but still it is ~Top 5: Player A, B score is not changed, Player D not qualified. 

Players A, B, C became Top 2 of 3p, Players A, B, D became Top 1 of 3p: Player C is deleted from ladder. 

That will create situation when there will be always 100 unique winners total in 3 different categories as team and not like now when two really impressive guys are in Gold, and three people that were playing with them are in Gold/Silver and because of that two 3p teams are in bronze.


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