Any rewards for best duo/solo players? And small story <3


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Hi all, it was great tournament, three days straight we tried to do our best in gorge. We ended up with 99% no RNG strategy (no 2nd bread) for 20/21 servings, we printed it on a single A4 paper an sticked to our walls and played it out hundreds of times before our final try (it was terrible I must say, I used sap as fuel х) ). And we were proud and disappointed in the same time, we ended with 3200 (it could be ~4000 if RNG god were on our side and we didn't fail couple of times). Why disappointed? Because we imagined that there was some super-duper cool Asian solo player, that made 21 dishes for 17 minutes and smashed those 3p teams. Boy I want to be like him. Or all of them are cheaters, c_gonext("Quagmire_giggity"). 

There were many such guys! Look at them:


At this point after 2 days of thinking what are we doing wrong and what strategies do they use, we found an answer. Yeah, we didn't read rules. You could participate in different teams and your maximal score will be shown, Animal and Faeroxi played with Mr. Key, Surg and Lentiscus (and maybe someone from bronze). This information could be checked in Top Team Table. And there we checked that we are in Top-10 of all duos with ~20 meals and Top-15 in total. Yeaaaaah!

Or Yeaaaaah?

If I understand correctly prizes will be given only to guys in tournament table, but is it so much hard to split rewards on three categories? Because now I think everything we done were pointless, fun indeed, but pointless. Max Score is not showing in profile, no reward, just screenshot and recipe list on the wall.

You can say: "Hey Lein! You could search for third guy and get your prize, you even could ask Animal to help you and try for silver/gold."
You know, from the start DST were our small world, for me and my gf, and because we are not very social, that was so neat that we could play it in duo (Hi Forge), and it is not the variant.

In any case, thanks Klei! For the game, for the gorge and for tournament. And sorry for my English, I learned it from cartoons, games and my old Switzerland boss, so I could sound funny. 

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