Adding a little more fun to Don't Starve

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Sorry but I can't disagree with this more, getting randomly attacked by something is not fun. Getting killed by something randomly is not fun. Tell me how many times you've been killed by a Creeper in Minecraft unexpectedly and your first thought is "gee willickers Notch, that was fun!" its not fun to lose progress suddenly for no good reason you have no control over, if its unavoidable you may as well roll a dice every 5 mins and if you roll a 6 you kick the reboot button on your comp. Especially when these things can kill you pretty darn quick if you're not just so happening to be wearing a log-suit or other such damage-reducing item when your tree chopping or berry picking, which I'm generally not as everything that can come at me at this point/area is either easily out-runnable (treant-guardian-fellow-thing) or not actually that deadly (the gobbler). Nevermind if your're desperately running to grab some berry's to heal up as a last chance ditch to then just get dead-i-fied suddenly.I don't want to just straight up shoot down an idea here like a killjoy, but I just would not agree with this idea and what it entails. sorry.Maybe some kind of woodpecker or just any old bird we have currently could descend from a tree your chopping and flap (basically annoy)/very weakly attack you sometimes? to counter the apparent randomness of this you could put a birds nest in the tree to signify its danger so past the first pecking you'll know what you're getting into. as to how rare this should be is up to balancing and testing obviously, maybe they only appear in the biggest trees?

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