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Changing the textures but they dont actualy change

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ahm , im really not sure what you mean by that , at first my character was invisible but a nice person from the forum fixed it for me , but now whenever i change the textures they are still the old ones , can you tell me what to do to compile them ?


do i delete the current character.scml and the current animation zips  ?


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When I say, "have you deleted the .zips?" I am asking if you went through and deleted the previous animation zip files that the compiler puts together. Do you have the Don't Starve Mod tools downloaded? You need to go into your steam folder on your computer, go to Dont Starve Mod Tools, and you will see the autocompiler.exe. When you replace the original pngs of the esctemplate character template, you have to ensure that the game knows that the spriter file has changed. To do this, you need to delete the .zip file found in the "exported" folder of your character mod, and also the .zip folder of your character (esctemplate) in the "Anim" folder. And AFTER you need to make sure the game compiles the new animation, so after you delete them, go to the Mod Tools folder, and use the autocompiler.exe

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