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Meteors should also destroy/damage debris/boulders like they do tiles

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Short Version: When meteors fling boulders, they should also cut their mass in half (or some other fraction).

Long Version:

At the moment, meteors seem to dig out/damage tiles, but don't destroy the loose "boulders" of iron and regolith left behind by previous meteors. Inevitably, these boulders are buried, un-earthed, buried again, and they grow and multiply without end. Because the loose material doesn't seem to turn back into tiles to be damaged or destroyed by meteors, there is no equilibrium and the loose regolith boulder population grows forever. This doesn't make sense, but also it means the surface materials is not only unintentionally hot/dense/massive but the meteor storms will also eventually draw lots of CPU power and the player can't do anything about it.

I propose a fix that's simple and consistent with game mechanics so far:

When a meteor "flings" a boulder, which currently does happen, the boulder's mass should be cut in half. Boulders under a certain size that land on the same tile should then combine, which they already seem to do.

If the player sends dupes to harvest the debris, they can "save" the resources for their own use before more meteors get them. If not, the regolith/iron boulders on the surface shouldn't grow in size and number forever.

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