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Resource finder overlay

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Hi all

First post here. I think the game is amazing, finally a dwarf fortress like game that looks promising!

I have been having problems identifying resource locations on the map. I admit that I have only about 25 game hours so maybe I am not used to some of the colour schemes.As an example I have difficulties discerning obsidian, coal and dirt or slime and algae. Maybe my eyes are low quality or my screen is not so good, but I would appreciate a possibility to highlight tiles of resources that I mark from the resource list on the top right.

I imagine some technology to be researched and maybe a scanner building to be built with which once you click on a resource in the list it will show in bright green that there is (for example) some copper ore to the West of your base, some copper in some storage compactors and maybe even highlight items made of that material.

Let me know if I should add a mock up screenshot of what I mean.


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While I don't necessarily have a problem seeing the resources (most of the time, I get the obsidian/abyssallite and igneous/sedimentary rock confusions) - I can get behind the idea. Honestly I don't even really see a need for it to be behind a building, though you could make a building that points to the nearby areas of where to find a batch of that resource.

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