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Generalist vs. Specialist

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Really loving the Oxygen experience so far! So unique and awesome, another grand slam from Klei after thoroughly enjoying Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together.

I had one thought so far. I love the job system and skills / attributes - really gives a sense of value to each Dupe and gets you extra invested, while always giving you a sense of progress. One thing I noticed, though, was that when I switched my Groundskeeper to being a Gofer, he didn't keep the bonus from having mastered Groundskeeper. I'm not sure if its an error, because the bonus was titled "Gofer" even when he was a Groundskeeper,  but if not I think it would be awesome if Dupes kept even just *part* of their bonuses from mastered classes. That way, its not just the specialists moving their way up the ranks, but also creates an opportunity for Dupes to be Jacks-of-all-Trades. Obviously, I don't think they should necessarily keep the unique abilities (like being able to use the Super Computer as a research assistant), but to keep the Skill buff from mastering a class (since the skill buffs from preceding mastery stacks between job tiers) would be really awesome. 

Thanks for all your great work!

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This one's a bug. They will keep their bonuses, EXCEPT groundskeeper and plumber (I think they share the upgrades with gofer and courier, but I'm not sure!). I have had dupes that did every job, and they have all the bonuses except groundskeeper and plumber.

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