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Dont Starve Pocket Edition saves(Android only) on PC + Vice Versa

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Hello fellow Forumites.

Repost from a different forum

Would you guys be interested in using your DS Saves from PE on PC and vice versa?

I've found a way to do it,Have tested it for the past day or so and it seems to work without any problems, just need to throw together a guide if there's interest?

Things to note :

Its only for android, You need a rooted phone.

You'll need Titanium backup installed and you'll need a PC (My version is PC/Steam) - not sure if other versions can do it as well.I would assume it can though

The versions need to be compatible. So best to create the save from the phone,and move to the PC so that you'll always have that compatibility.

Saved games using mods wont work,so best to avoid those for obvious reasons

Edit : Text Guide Below -


Rooted Android Phone with Dont Starve installed

Titanium Backup

Windows PC

7Zip (portable version will work as well)

Dont Starve (Not DST) Installed on PC (I have the steam version,so locations might differ)


1.Start a new game on dont starve on phone(you can use ROG if you like)

2.Get to day 2 (so the game saves)

3.Close game and go to Titanium Backup

4.Select Dont Starve and make backup

5.Plug phone into PC,and navigate to Titanium backup folder

6.Copy the file "com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket-20180617-081340.tar" (note the date in the middle might differ depending on when you create the backup.

7.Using 7Zip,go into the file and extract the following files;





8.Rename the 4 files by taking "files" out of the name.

e.g -





9.Navigate to your PC install location.

e.g - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Random Numbers Here\219740

10. Backup all files in this folder. (I called mine bak,and copied all files into the bak folder)

11.Copy your renamed files into that location,overwritting anything in there.

12.Start The game (if steam wants you to re-sync files,select local copy should go to cloud,not cloud to pc)

If everything went as described,you should be able to continue where you left off on day 2.

To reverse the process and get the saves back on your phone, copy the files from the folder and place it elsewhere.(i just copy it to my desktop.

Rename the files by adding "files" to the front of it again.

Open "com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket-20180617-081340.tar" in 7zip and replace the files in there.

Copy "com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket-20180617-081340.tar" back to your phone in the Titanium Backup folder

Open Titanium Backup and choose restore save.

When you start the game on your phone,it should have your saved game from the PC on there

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On 6/19/2018 at 12:15 PM, JayMingHong said:

Is there a way only to backup the Android save without root? Cos we don't have cloud saving yet, so it'll work until it doesn't comes.

No unfortunately not.

This method relies on Titanium Backup to do the backup for you (that app requires root).


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