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Issue with dedicated server caves.

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turtleism    0

Being new to setting up dedicated server, currently i am having issue entering caves

On client side it shows server not responding.

On server side, i notice the following logs:

[00:02:15]: Serializing user: session/6C9A3ADAB5149E13/KU_S3E5lbi7_/0000000006
[00:02:15]: Sim unpaused
[00:02:26]: Activating portal[11] to 2014898040	
[00:02:27]: Serializing user: session/6C9A3ADAB5149E13/KU_S3E5lbi7_/0000000006
[00:02:27]: [Shard] Migration request: (KU_S3E5lbi7) to Caves(2014898040)
[00:02:27]: [Shard] Begin migration #1 for (KU_S3E5lbi7)
[00:02:27]: [Shard] #1 [SHDMASTER](1) -> Caves(2014898040)
[00:02:27]: [Shard] #1 <- session/6C9A3ADAB5149E13/KU_S3E5lbi7_/0000000006
[00:02:27]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT
[00:02:27]: [Shard] (KU_S3E5lbi7) disconnected from [SHDMASTER](1)
[00:03:27]: [Shard] Migration for KU_S3E5lbi7 timed out.
[00:03:27]: [Shard] Cancelling pending migration #1 for (KU_S3E5lbi7)
[00:03:27]: Sim paused

i followed all the guide and setting files here: 

More background:
The caves was working fine before "The Gorge" event started, somehow after the new event went live, we had troubles with the cave (not sure is it connected or just coincidence) 

Would appreciate some help on enlightenment on this error, friend are getting deprived cave withdraw symptoms

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