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[Game Update] - 272996 (Gorge Beta)

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Frossst    24
On 6/13/2018 at 12:24 AM, fimmatek said:


I believe you don't see your items because we have a separate beta account for the beta skins, which has all the skins you earn during the Gorge (and Forge) beta, but you won't keep them. Once the beta ends you should see your actual items again. 

At least that's what happened to my best knowledge, if someone knows more that'd be appreciated.

Its weird since you still have some skins and items on your account, lets wait for the release.

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JJHowe22    0

Can I be able to play it if it ends (like with mods or DLC or a menu or a beta)? I am looking forward to such features like that!

~ Hope its true and have fun with tons of luck, JJHowe22! <3

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