Strat For Getting Golden Pin (ABC's and 123's)

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So, I have no clue if this is how you are actually supposed to get it. I spent about 40+ minutes trying to find a way onto the rafters. The only problem is that their collision boxes appear to be rectangles. I used the red rail to climb up right next to one and attempted to hop on, which did not work.

The reason I had to use the tramp over on the side is because the rafter on top stops you from hopping from the close set of supports to the far end. And I don't see another way to get onto the far supports. Any rails are too far down to allow you to hop up.

The tramp jump is a little tough since you have to jump out at first so you don't hit the rafter. Proceed to start your curve onto the trampoline. Then you pull immediately back in as fast as possible to land on the closest support. If you do not pull in fast enough you will hit an air vent which conveniently does have collision on. This will careen you straight into the lava if you mess up.

Once on the supports make your way over to the basketball supports. The only things that have collision on the basketball supports are the center beam which you see me land on. And the two rails closest to the wall indicated with a slight color change. As well as the vertical beams right next to them. This can be seen at the basketball hoop at the other end of the gym where these are highlighted in green and can be swung on.

Once you are on the support closest to the scoreboard get a little run going and hop onto the scoreboard. Congrats now you have your most difficult star on the stage. ;)

Skip to 1:10 to see the full run. I'm a peasant without video recording software so It'll have to do.


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