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Sorry in advance if this is already somewhere pointed out, but with the latest Space Upgrade Preview I'm missing the feature of Airflow and Mesh-tiles to be able to let Light go through.

I Like the addition of Glass especially with the Theme of space and something to let light go through but not Gasses

But I do not like it, that Airflow and Mesh-tiles lost this ability completely ... I would understand, that it would dim the light now by some decree but completely abandon this concept?

There are a few things in the early game where i think it's important to have some tools to play with light, especially compact greenhouses (you can make a decent on in a 11 x 11 space, even use the farm station with the help of only two lamps, and use this to make good brisle blossom farm to get your colony going.

Sadly this is not possible in the current Preview until you have glass (which is also terrible if you want to use the same concept for Algae Terrarium, where Airflow is king). This is so far into the tech tree that you will starve before this, and farming became already so horrible that i find it disturbing that the latest stable early layout is already destroyed again.

Pls reconsider this a bit.

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18 minutes ago, Smuch said:

(I could be wrong r hve misunderstood but from what I read, I beleive this is atualy a bug. AT least for the mesh time ?)

This would be lovely ... I really do like the idea to play more with light. Maybe we need more types of Light sources than just standing lamps and ceiling lamps ... but that another topic.

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