[RESOLVED] Mod tools not working for me, not showing any .lua files

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Amnesiac    0
Posted (edited)

I tried to use modtools today to upload my mod, but in file explorer it couldn't see any of my .lua files.


I uploaded a mod just fine a few days ago.

When I selected my mods folder as a whole it said " This doesn't appear to be a valid Don't Starve Mod! modinfo.lua is either missing or invalid"

When I opened the folder, there was nothing inside. But the folder does actually contain all my .lua files, including modinfo.lua


Edit: To Clarify, I can see all my files and edit them just fine if I open the folder in file explorer regularly, but with the mod tools they are not showing up.

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Amnesiac    0

Got it to work, for some reason the mod tools didn't want to see my .lua file, so I made a new one and it saw that one just fine.

I didn't realize it showed folders as empty regardless, but the error was still weird.

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