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Help finding this mod!

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Nava1299    0

Hello everybody!

I need help finding a character mod or any clue/info that leads me to it. I want to find the mod that ads the red demon-like character in the picture (the one at the right). Or if someone has it share it with me please! What is the name of the mod? what does the character do? author? something. It appears on steam in the Wiggins mod page from the author HowlingCoffee.

Thank you everybody!

P.D sorry if my English is not the best, it is not my native language, although I believe that does not matter right? xD



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nateonus    1

From what I could find out, the character was created by HowlingCoffee.

The character was called Will, and used to be available on Steam, however he has been removed for some reason.

If you want the character that badly, it could be worth messaging HowlingCoffee via Steam.


Hope this helps :)

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