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Some suggestions going forward

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Just some ideas to consider when moving forward...

1) As the game increases in complexity and size, the number of moving parts gets insane with a large base. That said sometimes, there is no need to have 5 water lines running into a cold biome other than the fact that there just isnt enough pressure in a single line to do the job. You guys did this with power lines, where there are heavy guage wires and lighter ones... why not implement this with water and gas lines where you introduce high volume "mains" that can T off into smaller low pressure lines. Potentially introduce something similar to the transformer as a pressure release pump/control coming off the main lines. This would allow us to create more efficient and less cpu hungry/cluttery bases. I could see myself chugging all liqiud from one source across my base and filtering for certain liquids along the way into smaller pipes.

2) Probably a really ambitious suggestion this one, but its to make more creative use of LIGHTING. Diamond mirrors (to old-school-light a base like the egyptians). Perhaps allow for solar pannels to be put on the surface of the asteroid for power... or create "light reactors" that can burn say coal or gas at a low energy level, or use phophorous to burn at insane light levels to generate more power. Alternately allow the light bugs to provide power this way passively... or even take the low level light radiation of lava to generate minimal power. Maybe have lenses to focus light into a heating laser, or diffuse light across a room to illuminate it. You could even go as far as to add to its overlay where u already have diffuse light, then add beams of light after they go theough a lense (kinda essentially transoorting light with an upside of it being instantaneous, and downside that it cant be obstructed-aka clear line of uninterruption). Im just shooting off ideas but the point is... light has always kinda been just meh in the game... it might make things more interesting this way.

3) Radioactive biome/materials... radiation sickness, would be a thing. Plus radioactive materials should essentially be just as efficient at powering steam generators as anything else really... i mean that is how nuclear plants essentially work. Plus you could make bombs? :p


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