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Suggestions for Geysers using in-game logic

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Was thinking about this while playing a new seed today. Within zoomed out sight of my printer on a seed there are:

  • Natural Gas Geyser (to left just outside of 64 tile room range)
  • Cool Steam Geyser (about 40 tiles below that)
  • Volcano (about 70 tiles straight down)
  • what i expect is a hydrogen geyser (to right just outside of 64 tile room range)

Add to that two large ruins and the biggest pockets of hydrogen and chlorine I've ever seen on a map (literally almost a full screen of both, just open gas) and you can see this may present some early game challenges.

Since that leaves me with 6 non-destructible things in range of my base, it made me think "Why shouldn't we be able to destroy geysers?"

I think that if a dupe has reached both tenured scientist and senior farmer, they should be able to sample and re-grow the fumarole geysers (hydrogen, chlorine, nat gas, po2 and steam) in a different location. This would be a later game process (as a dupe would have to level up 6 times before even attempting).

  • Geyser would have to be fully researched
  • A new extremely expensive item called fumarole planter would be introduced
  • Sampling a geyser would kill it off completely after the next active cycle
  • They would take several cycles to re-grow

Doing this would allow geyser management within game using current game mechanics and only adding a new planter (like with wheezes at one time). This would allow players to shift some heat producers at this risk of unbalancing some resources they may have incorporated into their base build. It would also allow players to remove some exploration barriers without debug/sandbox.

It would also allow you to grow geyser close together in interesting builds.


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