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Character Mod Idea

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Hello I have a character mod idea if anyone is interested in creating. Winnie The Pooh:

  • Brings own honey jar                                 Health: 200                   
  • Tolerant to bee stings                                Sanity:120                          Honey Jar: 2 honey combs, 6 rocks, 4 petals            
  • Hibernates during winter                           Hunger: 150

Brings own honey jar: This perks allows Winnie the pooh to extract honey from wild nests wether it be from killer bees or honey bees once every 3 days from that particular nest all year round. He can go on collecting from other nests but then must wait 3 days to get honey again from those nests. HIs honey jar can hold up to 40 honey at one time. I'm thinking the amount retrieved will be from 1-6 depending on how long Winnie the pooh waits to get the honey. This time could be based on the time it takes to chop a tree depending on it's maturity. So if Winnie bails at the time it takes to chop a tier 1 tree then he gets 2 honey max, tier 2 then he gets 4 max, and tier 3 he gets 6 max. Bees will come out the moment he starts process of extracting honey so the longer he waita the more stings he'll have to endure but there are safer ways to get honey which will be explained under his next perk. Also others can use his honey jar but they wont be as efficient at getting honey unlike Winnie the pooh. They will get stung with normal damage loss if they are trying to take from wild nests and they can only retrieve the set amount of 3 from wild nests unlike Winnie the pooh. If Winnie the pooh uses his honey jar on a bee box it will double the amount depending what tier it is. The bees wont come out until honey is extracted like they normally do making his honey jar even more valuable. If others use his honey jar on bee boxes they get the normal set amount depending on the tier but no bees will come out because his honey jar is best way to extract honey. Possibly his honey jar can preserve honey even longer and can be stored in fridge making preservation almost infinite?

Tolerant to bee stings: This perk makes it so that the damage taken by bee stings is reduced, maybe 2hp every sting. The moment Winnie starts extracting honey from wild nests the bees will start attacking how they normally do going back and forth stinging. Since Winnie is somewhat tolerant to bee stings it can be worth getting stung to retrieve honey. Safe measures can also be taken if you watch bees exit nest to where there is none left inside or only a couple making it safer to get honey. Not sure if this perk will also grant him tolerance to grumble bees and Bee Queen. 

Hibernates during winter: This perks allows Winnie the pooh the option to sleep on the ground without hay rolls, fur rolls, tents, or lean- to's during winter only. when he sleeps his hunger rate doesnt drop so fast though it is reduced, his health restoration rate while sleeping will also be reduced as well as his sanity gained. so this ability wont be too over powered. Since Winnie the pooh is a bear i think he should have a natural insulation during winter sort of like wilson and webbers beard.

Winnie the Pooh overall:

His character name starts with the letter W which is a Don't Starve trademark. I think the artwork can be done really well with a Winnie the pooh sound; kinda droopy sounding similar to winonnas. I think it would be an inviting way for new players to feel needed and more independent when learning the game. I mean you could always use another honey jar! In game Winnie the pooh i think would spend a great deal of time in bee fields and revolving most of his time towards honey collecting. WInnie the pooh will also get better stats from honey based foods like honey ham, honey nuggets, and taffy increasing the sanity value only by doubling it so honey ham will give 10 sanity, honey nuggets will give 10, and taffy 30 and so on for other honey based foods. This would actually give a more importance to bee box farming before the first winter. This character could be just as efficient surviving alone or within a community making this character mod desirable to fanatics? Also many people know of Winnie the pooh so it will give a natural curiosity to player seekers unlke the many character mods out there this character will be familiar. 

Ill be following this to whoever has questions and like i said this is an idea so it would need to be tested but would truly like to see it as a mod that people like to use. 

                                                                                                                                         Aaron Schaeffer a.k.a Double A's


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