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Dont starve mobile bugs/personal opinions

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Don't starve mobile bugs/annoying things  


Before we start i would like to say all this info and some personal opinions is all things i have found out thru my various day 100+ day worlds on mobile, i would also like to say i have played don't starve on pc but only about 100 hours or so


You can't just out one thing on the ground this is EXTREMELY annoying for when you are trying to make ash because if you put a stack of grass on the ground it will only give you 1 ash.


There is still no home sea home update so we are missing out on so many things such as fish farms, boat repair station (sorry don't know the name of it) , sea walls this really makes sea bases near impossible.


The Sealnado on mobile has a INSANE amount of range for his pull  attack also if the sealnado is on land and your on sea he will still pull you in even tho your in the sea.


In shipwrecked if you have ventured into the volcano for the first time after you exit the volcano, it will become summer i find this extremely annoying and game breaking.


Also in shipwrecked to hammer things you can't use the green button like you can with mining chopping etc you have to force it by holding on to the object and then swiping up to ‘hammer”


In don't starve (i don't know if this is just a mobile bug/unlucky glitch) but the dragon ply spawned in the middle of my berry bush farm and couldn't get out it then burnt down my whole base. (Ice flingos ran out eventually)


In shipwrecked if you want to make mass amounts of something such as walls you have to go onto the crafting bar and build the walls but even after learning the recipe it still exits you out of the crafting tab. This makes ot hard to mass produce something quickly


In both Don't Starve and shipwrecked with the world settings there is no option for “more” and then “lots” it simply goes straight to more and it's not the pc equivalent of more its lots and by lots i mean world is covered in it


There is no android controller support i am honestly disappointed in this and i think if there was it would really add so much to the game and make it more bearable.


The apps (Don't Starve and shipwrecked) aren't connected by that i mean they are completely different apps meaning that you can't cross play between them so in shipwrecked the seaworthy does nothing it's absolutely useless also you can’t play webber in Don't Starve Shipwrecked or Wilbur in Don't Starve


(Please correct me if im wrong because i think winona in only in DST)I know we are not missing out on much but there is no winona in Don't Starve.


Thank you for reading my little rant about Don't Starve on mobile please post anymore Dont Starve mobile bugs/opinions below and please keep it civil/structured.


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