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Some optimization Suggestions for game logic.

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Due to the limitation of personal English level, there may be grammatical errors in the following contents.

I have used the Chinese language package, so there may be some mistakes about the game noun.


1.It is hoped that the battery in the ruins building will be disabled for automatic maintenance at the beginning of the game.


2.Can automatic sterilization be distinguished from chores? (task priority option)
I don't know how to ban my employees from sterilizing the tile outside the base.


3.When my employees are hungry, can they suspend their high-priority Occupational task to collect plants (100% growth).

There was a lot of food, and then they starved to death.I don't know if it's a BUG.Or there's a problem with the priority setting.


4.I don't know how to get them to submit samples and open the ruins gate?(although the priority is 9)


5.Can they finish their task before they go to bed? I don't mind if they sleep a little longer.


6.Compared to the automation version ,In the current version priority setting reduces the work efficiency of small people.

The official should be in guarantee efficiency under the premise of clear division of labor.


Changing the name of the little people at the beginning of the game may cause the game to crash (Chinese language pack)




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