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Perks Only Work When Re-Hosting World And Cannot Save Data

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I created a Wolfgang mod with Warly perks and it works perfectly fine when re-hosting world, yet when Wolfgang spawns for the first time..

Only the Warly perks seem to be functioning and I can't seem to figure out why Wolfgang's perks are not functioning when he spawns, only when I re-host the world. 

My other issue is Wolfgang has Warly's perk of 1.75 day food abstinence, while it functions in-game, soon as you re-host the world, all the food he already consumed in the previous past days is suddenly forgotten.

I think the following line of code might be wrongly scripted or be causing these issues. 


    local function refresh_consumed_foods(inst)
	local to_remove = {}
	for k,v in pairs(inst.consumed_foods) do
		if GetTime() >= v.time_of_reset then
			table.insert(to_remove, k)

	for k,v in pairs(to_remove) do
		inst.consumed_foods[v] = nil
		local function OnSave(inst, data)
	local consumed_foods = {}
	for k,v in pairs(inst.consumed_foods) do
		consumed_foods[k] = {}
		consumed_foods[k].count = v.count
		consumed_foods[k].time_of_reset = v.time_of_reset - GetTime()
	data.consumed_foods = consumed_foods

local function onload(inst, data)

	if data and data.consumed_foods then
		inst.consumed_foods = data.consumed_foods

local _Eat = inst.components.eater.Eat
	inst.components.eater.Eat = function(self, food)
		OnEat(self.inst, food)
		return _Eat(self, food)
	inst.consumed_foods = {}

local function LongUpdate(inst, dt)
	for k,v in pairs(inst.consumed_foods) do
		v.time_of_reset = v.time_of_reset - dt

-- The upper part  is all the code I believe is related to the saving the food data consumed when rehosting the world. 

inst.OnNewSpawn = equipewarlychefpack
inst.OnLongUpdate = LongUpdate

-- The instances of spawning and preloading might be the ones breaking Wolfgang's perks line of code?

	inst.OnPreLoad = onpreload
    inst.OnLoad = onload
	inst:ListenForEvent("mounted", OnMounted)
    inst:ListenForEvent("dismounted", OnDismounted)


If someone could please figure out the reasons behind these bugs, I would appreciate it.



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