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So I've put about 4 hours into the game and here's my impressions so far.


* LOVE the theme and art. You've got a real good thing going here. The intro cinematic is wonderful. Also appreciate that the theme lowers the stakes a bit - the sort of thing that draws ppl unused to the genre in. Great stuff!

* The multiplayer aspect is great. Always fun to casually interact with other peeps, and it reminds me a lot of classic UT trials maps.

* Very solid level design overall - the first 2 levels have an especially smooth and satisfying curve, and everything's REALLY fun to look at. If I had one criticism it's probably that it gets a bit hard a bit fast, but I was able to handle it well enough.


* I know you've only got 4 chars right now, but I'd appreciate it if players had an opportunity to play as a lady from the jump rather than having to wait til they've finished a level or two.

* The early school levels are a blast, but the difficulty jump to Chase the Grade is WAY too steep - probably half my playtime is in that level and I still haven't finished it. It requires mastery of a lot of skills that you could get by without previously.

* The skill tests need to be like, mandatorily taught. At the very least the momentum stuff needs to be shoved in the player's face LONG before Repeat The Grade. (maybe an easier version of it tho.) The momentum stuff is -vital- to a lot of later play and secrets but the location of the skill tests right now, AFTER the school stuff, makes it seem like you should be able to complete the school without having done them. But I'd say that is a stretch.

* Sliding on the top of the angled lockers feels... inconsistent and a bit janky. Sometimes I get stuck on the edge or get flung off in a weird direction? It's frustrating in a game that requests no-death runs to feel like an aspect of my performace is totally up to luck. (It also took me a LONG time to figure out that my slide direction depends on facing rather than WASDing)

* Grab bars feel like they need a bigger hitbox - right now it just feels bad as heck when it appears to be right in your face but you don't land a grab. I also still can't tell if leftclicking increases my grab hitbox or not. (it seems like it MIGHT?)


* I like the stuff that you're doing with the cursor - esp the in-air indicator - but I wouldn't mind an indicator as to how close I am to the edge of a thing I'm walking on as well! The jump timing for jumping off the edge of stuff is a bit "late" and if you're not doing momentum stuff a number of jumps can be VERY tight. It'd be nice for slower / newer players to be able to make those jumps a little less painfully, as that little fraction of space right near the edge can feel so arbitrary as to whether you succeed on your jump or not.


Overall, I'm super into this - it's really promising, just feels like it has some rough edges that need sanding off. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it for full release!

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(A few final comments before beta ends, as I've put about 10 hours in now.)

* I appreciate a ton the variety of paths that open up in level design once you get a better mastery of momentum. Great stuff!
* The vent section in.. the 4th? 5th? level is Wayyy too long without checkpoints IMO. SUPER nerve wracking. X:
* I wish I wouldn't "trip" over very small lips, like the difference between a school desk and the seat attached to it - this kind of little hitch causes a significant portion of my deaths now.
* I'm really into the dynamic music stuff. Great touches. Can't wait to hear more! (PS the GAT theme is way catchy)

Overall I'm... honestly pretty addicted to the game, haha. I've gotten at least 4* on every level in School, and every star in all the other levels. What a blast. Looking forward a ton to full release!

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