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I've played the beta for 3 hours so far. Below is my feedback based on my experience:

The Good

  • Really like the general concept, especially the 80's TV show / action figure thing. Loved the introduction.
  • Graphics looks great, sound and music are good too. The lava looks especially awesome.
  • The movement is tight, I never felt like I was running or moving in the air in an unexpected way. I did notice something that appears when you hold left or right as you go around a corner while jumping, like it has a + and a number (e.g. +0.10 or whatever) but I have no idea what that means.
  • I liked the customisation options and unlockable equippable items. The characters you can play as all look cool.
  • I like the way each level has different challenges, so you can replay them with a different style in mind.
  • The drop in, drop out multiplayer lobby system is awesome. It's so fun having someone join you in the same area and you can see them jumping about as they complete another run within the same level as you. You can chat and spectate them too, it's really fun.

The Bad

  • The different movement options feel a bit limited. You can't roll when you hit the ground, you can't vault up onto obstacles, you can't slide if you're running to duck under things, etc. There are places in the game where it looks as though it was designed for you to wallrun, but that isn't an option.
  • The momentum is really limited, you pretty much get up to the normal max speed just from taking a few steps, and if you want to go any faster the only way to do it is to interact with the slippery walls. The way the levels are designed, sometimes going fast is a hindrance (like when you need to land on small platforms with precision) and other times it's necessary for you to be going fast or else you die. There's no way to predict ahead of time whether you need to gain speed or not, so you often gather up momentum and then find yourself leaping clear over the place you're supposed to land. It's almost as though you're punished for gaining speed by nailing all the jumps.
  • The slippery walls are a bit unwieldy, it can be difficult to aim your jump because if you look away from the wall at any point during the slide then your character slides off the wall and you fall.
  • The Chase The Grade level is just... punishing. Absolutely punishing. There are different sections where you need to gain momentum or you are guaranteed to miss a jump and die, then there are other sections where you need to stop so you reset your speed, but like I mentioned there's no indication ahead of time so if you make a mistake then you lose. The level is several minutes long, but there are no checkpoints - this is easily the most frustrating part. I attempted this level like a hundred times and just could not get past one particular jump because there was barely enough run-up to get the needed momentum.

Overall impression is the game will be really great for speedrunning / competitive play with friends. It has a great concept, fun movement and cool multiplayer concepts. I think the devs need to make the movement a bit more fluid, give more options for movement that allow you to maintain momentum. I think they need to rework some of the levels so that you aren't punished for gathering speed. I also think the Chase The Grade level should f*ck right off.

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