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Blurred graphics except for GUI on Android phone

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The graphics for Don't Starve are blurry on my android phone but all the GUI is correctly sized to my phone resolution and so is the opening movie and other screens like the settings menu and main menu. Is there a fix for this? I have looked up online guides and they seem to recommend a fix by rooting my phone and screen shifting the resolution. I do not want to mess with all that for now, but the blurriness is getting to me.

Android Device: Xiaomi
Model Number: Mi A1
Android OS Version Number: 8.0.0 (I have just updated it today but it was blurry even before updating to 8.0.0)
Device Manufacturer: Huawei

Picture evidence: in-game, main menu, opening movie in order.


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8 hours ago, ASPERGILLOSIS said:

Because this game has a very low resolution textures, it looks horrible on 8 inch tablet

I am not using a tablet I am using my phone and it is definitely not 8 inch since my phone is like 720p

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