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So, I did play a lot of Mark of the Ninja back then, one of the very few games I've completed every achievement in, so I'm excited to see it being remastered, there are three things I'd like Devs to consider before pushing out their final:

-Smoke Bomb had this upgrade that made it poisonous thus triggering alarms/attention, the thing is, you couldn't undo upgrades, which kind of messed the skill up for those going for "unseen" runs, are you (the devs) going to fix this in the new iteration?

-Are you planning a workshop/level editor? I think it'd greatly boost the game's vitality and it's been asked quite a lot(that I know of) by the steam community, also, consider Doom (2016) released a "Snap-Map" level editor.

-Leaderboards used to award violent/exploitative gameplay over stealthy one IIRC, is there going to be a revisitation of said points system? Could we have achievements/challenges instead? Which would perhaps award additional, alternative costumes? (unrelated to upgrades, purely visual)

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